Metabolic Studies in the African Pygmy

Excerpt from PubMed/Journal of Clinical Investigation Abstract: "...Major metabolic effects of human growth hormone (HGH) were assessed in the African Babinga pygmy. Plasma free fatty acid (FFA) and glucose concentrations were measured in pygmies, HGH-deficient dwarfs, Bantu tribesmen, and Caucasian controls after each received 4 mg of HGH intravenously over a 20 min period. Pygmies had an early decrease of plasma FFA and glucose concentration, but did not exhibit a later lipolytic response...In neighboring Bantu tribesmen, American controls, and HGH-deficient dwarfs, both the early and late responses to intravenous HGH were present. The failure of plasma FFA concentration to increase in the pygmy after intravenous HGH was not due to a generalized defect in lipolysis since a normal lipolytic response was obtained with epinephrine (2 μg/min for 20 min)..."

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