HIV type 1 infection in Pygmy hunter gatherers is from contact with Bantu

Excerpt from PubMed abstract: "...To investigate the route of zoonotic transmission of HIV-1, we isolated three and seven HIV-1 strains from 449 Pygmy hunter gatherers and 169 neighboring Bantu, respectively, in southern Cameroon. Phylogenetic analysis based on pol-integrase and env-C2V3 sequences revealed that strains from Pygmies were 1CRF02_AG/CRF02_AG, 1 subtype G/CRF02 AG (pol/env), and 1 CRFll_cpx/CRF11_cpx, and that those from Bantu were 2 CRF02_AG/CRF02_AG, 1 CRF02_AG/CRF01_AE/A, 1 CRF02_AG/subtype A, 1 G/A, 1G/CRF02_AG, and 1 unclassified fH. CRF02_AG and CRF11_cpx have been identified in Cameroon. The results suggest that HIV-1 has been introduced into Pygmies through their neighboring Bantu rather than directly from nonhuman primates..."

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