Health of indigenous people in Africa

*Essential, authoritative reference for the health sector. Excerpt on child mortality: Mortality rates in Pygmy communities are high...Infant mortality rates in forest-dwelling Aka in the Central African Republic during the 1980s, and former forest-dwelling Twa in Uganda at the turn of this century, are reported as 20–22% and 20–21%, respectively...These rates are more than twice the national infant mortality rates (9·8% and 9·7%, respectively) cited by the World Bank in 2000; and in the Ugandan study are 1·5–4 times higher than nearby non-Twa com munities. For children younger than 5 years, mortality rates of 27% reported in forest-dwelling Mbendjele in northern Congo in the mid-1990s were 1·5 times higher than neighbouring Bantu...In the study of Ugandan Twa, mortality rates for children younger than 5 years (40%) were 1·8–2·4 times higher than in non-Twa villages. Loss of a forest-based life can be associated with increased mortality..."

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