Consultation on national profiles on the status of children's environmental health in the African region of WHO (World Health Organization)

Statitics? Data? Outcomes? Follow-up? Excerpt: "...No less than one-third of the global burden of ill health is attributed to factors in the environment and this proportion is several times greater in Africa than in any other region. Children bear a disproportionate share of this burden of ill health and death, due to their innate vulnerability to environmental exposures. Even among children, certain groups are at increased risks, bearing the brunt of the problem – the marginalized, underserved, those who belong to the minority group and the poor...This Consultation was organized by WHO Regional office for Africa in order to share the results of these National Profiles, assess Regional needs concerning children’s environment and health concerns and propose concrete actions. More so, it was hoped to help to foster greater understanding of children’s environmental health threats among countries and partners within the region and to provide a platform to map out priorities, build consensus and create partnerships/networks on concrete actions to improve the environmental health of children. In addition, three other countries prepared reports on children, with a focus on ethnic minority groups. Development of the profiles involved input from several ministries, sectors and individuals. Countries presented key facts about mortality, morbidity, environmental conditions, legislative support, accessibility of information, and communications vehicles... HIGH RISK/VULNERABLE GROUPS: Information on high risks/vulnerable groups and demographic profile of countries - To what extent are environment and health statistics or any other statistics routinely desegregated by socio-economic status, ethnicity? Provide the approximate numbers or percentages of each ethnic population and the geographic areas they occupy. Are major research or other institutions carrying any relevant work in the
area? To what extent do national environmental or other sectoral policies make
specific reference to ethnic groups? Is there any evidence of the impact of ethnicity, socio-economic status on the burden of disease related to environmental threats (disease distribution and prevalence)? Are there any activities on the vulnerable groups, ethnic minorities undertaken by international institutions or Non-governmental Organizations to which an environment and health component might be added?..."

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